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By our usual deadline Saturday November 7 at 11:30 p.m. write four numbered wellwritten paragraphs one on each of these

By our usual deadline, Saturday, November 7, at 11:30 p.m., write four numbered well-written paragraphs – one on each of these four topics, with your thoughts:
1. What happened in the national Presidential election and why do you think that happened? Be sure to give the national popular vote (numbers and percentages) and electoral vote for each candidate.
2. What was the popular vote in the Presidential election in Texas? (numbers and percentages) Who received Texas 38 electoral votes, and to what do you attribute this?
3. What was the (unofficial) voter turnout (number and percentage) in Harris County for this election, and how does that compare to the primary election turnout you studied for your political participation assignment? What do you think explains the huge difference? (The precinct-by-precinct canvass report wont be available yet, so dont worry about that part)
4. What was the result of the Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 3, race? Do you think your virtual client pursued a strategy similar to the one you outlined for him? Did it work?
Submit in Word. Cite your sources.
(Note: A lot of the numbers youre using will be preliminary numbers as mail-in ballots drift in and various election irregularities are settled. Dont worry about that. Use what you can get and do the best you can.)
Additional Resources
(Ill post more stuff here after election night)
(Links to an external site.) is a great place to compare whats happening election night to what the polls predicted.
(Links to an external site.) will have all the election night returns for Harris County, including the results of the Precinct 3 Commissioner race.
The Texas Secretary of State will have statewide election results as they come in from Texas 254 counties:

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