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Campaign KoExhibition

Campaign KoExhibition


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Here is all the information about the KoExpo social media campaign that will be only on LinkedIn there is no information about this exhibition on the internet I have uploaded brochure and press release get the information from them and I will write down about the objective, target audience and other In the KoExpo social media campaign will promote the reputation of KoExhibition in UAE in this case more people will visit the Exhibition, also the campaign will conduct a survey to measure and know how many people are interested in korean product. KoExhibition Company is a permanent exhibition for Korean Industrial products to market the Korean product it will be launched under the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZONESCORP) sponsor, to develop a business relationship with Korean companies. KoExhibition will be for the first time in MENA and GCC. the exhibition size 18000 m² it will be located in ICAD center of Abu Dhabi permanently which will be near the airport and sea zons. The customers meet with the different Korean industries that market Korean products. It created better communication in the business and increase the relationship between Korea and the UAE and will develop the sales of Korea product. This campaign launched to spread knowledge and awareness about the KoExpo and conduct a survey to gather information about people’s opinion on the korean product, in this way the campaign will succeed in attracting people. Business and industrial customers. The targeted audience are the local and non-local people in UAE from age 18-50 both female and male. The exhibition center position near Abu Dhabi airport is to attract investors from the rest of the world. The segment of the target audience: 1. Demographic: Age between 18-50. Gender female and male. All education level. People with moderate to high income. 2. Psychographic: People interested in Korea. People interested in Industrial products. 3. Behavioural: Our public are interested in new knowledge for the new destination that will impact the growth of the korean country. Also they are curious about the new industrial exhibition that will take place in the UAE that has a unique idea. 4. Geographic: UAE citizens, Korean employees and citizens interested in the exhibition. The SWOT analysis: S-Strengths. · Location: permanent location of the exhibition in ICAD. · Management: ZONESCORP sponsor make the working of the Korean company easy. W-Weaknesses. · Lack of reputation: being the first time in the region to come up with Korean exhibition, it is not clear how many people will visit the exhibition. · Lack of comparison products: the exhibition is only for Korean products so there is no comparison. O-Opportunities. · Success: relationship with ZONESCORP help to promote the relations with the industry in UAE, MENA, and GCC areas. Also, create a good relationship between the Korean manufacturers and UAE. · Area size: the area of the exhibition is 18000m2. T-Threat · Poor show: the exhibition might not develop a direct relationship with interested clients in case the display is not successful. Campaign objectives: 1-Introduce the exhibition for people in the MENA region. 2-Advertise the Korean exhibition. 3-Increase Korean product sales in the MENA region (skincare and technology). Follow the (Social Media Marketing Plan Outline 1 and 2) answer each part and question. Use the help of the PowerPoints and please write the headline and question above each paragraph you answer Focus only on UAE, MENA. And GCC, write prices in Dirhams PLEASE use simple english it is my second language

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