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Can concepts be violent?

Description Can concepts be violent in (International Relations discipline)? You will discuss whether concepts can be violent by mapping out the genealogy of liberalism. You will demonstrate how liberalism is made and powered by relations of colonial violence and imperial dominance (i.e. 1492 conquest, racial contract, neoliberal globalization) to support the argument that the concept of liberalism is inherently racist, exclusivist and thus violent against non – europeans. You will discuss the bodies of knowledge of liberalism that though solely expresses eurocentric historical-experiences and knowledges and used as a universal ‘empirical validated knowledge’ while the intellectual and cultural contributions of Non-europeans arbitrarly made invsibible, marginalized, silenced. This project is thus deeply epistemological, and the method, as much philosophical as expository. The peril of using concepts is that it subjugates and marginalizes other knowledges and thus have no representation of how how ‘others) ( noneuropeams) define their social world which is a form of epistemic violence. Using concepts in international relations can therefore be violent concepts in its effect of potential marginilization, invalidation, and make invisible others knowledges. Knowledges and truth is relative not universal. Violent can be understood as epistemological injustices where other cultures, knowledge and believe systems lack or have no representation (in concepts) at all. Epistemology encompasses the issues of knowledge related to truth, belief and justification.

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