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Case: Baby Girl M. is a 34-week gestation infant, who


Baby Girl M. is a 34-week gestation infant, who is admitted to the NICU for low blood sugar and difficulty breathing. Upon admission of the infant, the RN is informed that the mother refuses newborn screening. The mother is also refusing vitamin K and ophthalmologic prophylaxis.

What is the nurse’s responsibility as this patient’s nurse as it pertains to the newborn screen?
Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the mother to decline the newborn screen?
How should the nurse communicate his or her nursing interventions to others when a patient’s mother declines the newborn screen?
If the mother in this scenario changes her mind, when should the newborn screen be obtained and what is the method for obtaining the newborn screen?
What are your feelings on this topic? Would it be difficult for you to respond to a parent who refuses the newborn screen? Why/why not?

Kenner, C. & Lewis, J. (2013).  Genetics and Genomics for Nursing. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson
Education Inc.

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