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Case Report: Hepatitis B


Hi! This a case report I have written on a patient with chronic Hepatitis B. English is not my first language, so the style/writing throughout the report needs to be thoroughly revised. (It currently does not read smoothly or flow well at all.) Ultimately, I would like the paper completely revised to produce a much more eloquent and cohesive picture of this case. Please focus on grammar, word choice, sentence structure/order, flow and style. The format of the case report is already done as required, so please do not change/reorder the headings. However, please feel free to add additional information or discussion to any section of the paper; it would be much appreciated! Additionally, if you think any part of the paper would benefit from a chart, graph or other illustration, please add this into the case report. (I think this may help with the cohesiveness and help present information more easily?)

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Assignment Outline