Texas Government Topic marijuana legalization

 The 86th Legislative Session is currently in session. During the 85th Legislative Session, legislators filed over 6,600 bills; however, only 1,200 passed and became law. As residents of Texas, it is important to know the subjects of the 1,200 bills that became law… week, you will research laws currently under debate/discussion in the Texas legislature. […]

workflow diagram

 Workflow Diagram ‒ Decide upon a topic and send your topic for approval. ‒ Reflect on how the process actually works in a selected work setting within your group. ‒ Develop a workflow diagram for a work process as it is performed in your chosen setting. o Refer to the example in chapter 9 and […]

Perspectives Essay

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 1 Molloy, M. (2013). Experiencing the world’s religions (6th ed.). New York City, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Vitalsource sign in: marmolwendy@hotmail.com, password: Chamberlain123! Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (1 for the etic view, and 1 for the emic view. Your source for the emic […]

Chemical quantities and Aqueous Reactions

 Only one question which is A 55.0 ml sample of a 0.102 M potassium sulfate solution is mixed with 35.0 ml of a 0.114 M lead(II) acetate solution and the precipitation reaction shown here occurs. K2SO4 (aq) +Pb(C2h3O2)2 (aq) ——= 2 KC2H3O2 (aq) + PbSO4 (s) The solid PbSO4 is collected, dried, and found to […]

Ethical relativism

Find an article in food, ag or apparel article (from a reputable news source, no blogs but may be on the open web) that relates to Ethical Relativism. analyze the article and explain how it relates to Ethical Relativism (Cultural Relativism or Ethical Subjectivism). You should cite the article as a source in your discussion […]

Origin of a human trait

 Week 9 discussion – origin of a human trait This week we will be continuing our discussion of human evolution. Choose a trait that humans have that you are interested in and find a primary research paper (published within the last ten years) that traces it back in a phylogeny to a particular date (or […]

Freedom and social justice

 This week’s Critical Thinking assignment is based on the articles, Views of Technology, (Barbour, 1993) and Technology and Social Justice, (Dyson, 1997). Begin your paper by briefly describing Barbour and Dyson’s ideas about freedom and social justice, particularly as they relate to technology. Then choose a technology with which you regularly interact. In your paper, […]

Report on identifying entrepreneurial opportunities based on Interview

Detailed Information: Students interview entrepreneurs about how they identify opportunities and write an individual report, linking their ideas to academic literature. Students write a report to address the following three requirements: a) After you carry out a review of the literature and based on the findings of your interview critically appraise 1. Factors that enabled […]

Implementing Health in Ghana

 1. Investment Options: (GHANA) Emphasis on top cause of death for the greatest improvements In two to three paragraphs, teams should lay out the options for the stakeholders regarding which health issues they should invest in to improve population health. The discussion should consider the country’s progress towards the health –related Sustainable Development Goals, as […]

workshop letter -Dear Tessa.

Requirements: • One Inch Margins • 12 pt Font • Times New Roman • Single Spaced • Letter Format • 1 page Pre-Work: Read workshop story Due Dates: • Every workshop Workshop Letters Deeply engaging with your classmates’ work can be as beneficial to your writing as having your own work discussed. Think of your […]