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Chapter 8 (Occupational and Organizational Crime) Points Possible: 20 Deliverable

Chapter 8 (Occupational and Organizational Crime)

Points Possible: 20

Deliverable Length: 3-4 pages

Due: Saturday, October 15 by 11:55 pm

Answer any two questions (10 points each):

1.  Edwin Sutherland coined the term white collar crime in 1940. Explain how his original concept and definition changed over time from white collar to corporate and occupational crime.  Utilize David Friedrich’s later typology of white collar crime (5 types) in your answer.

2.  As a white collar crime syndrome, how do organizational offenders represent “business-as-usual” in the culture of corporate capitalism?  Use  specific examples from the text.

3.  In your opinion, how does the banking concept of “too-big-to-fail” contribute to unethical-if not strictly illegal-behavior by financial institutions?  Specifically, if “corporations are people,” how might they be held criminally accountable?

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