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Checklist for your Unknown Report

Checklist for your Unknown Report:

This is your original work – Show off what you have learned this semester! 🙂 Please don’t copy and paste passages from the internet/books/articles. Plagiarism (or more then 40% similarity) will result in at least 10 point deduction. Reports that have a higher than 50% similarity will receive 25 points deduction. This report should be in full sentences (Methods excluded)


Describes in a few words what was done

Is short and precise (no longer than one sentence)


1. Describe the purpose of Microbiological Testing

2. Why is testing important in the medical field?

3. What is the goal of microbiological testing?

4. Background on Gram negatives and Gram positives

5. Differences between Gram + and – (color doesn’t count…)

6. Give some examples of each

7. Describe at least two diseases for each, signs, symptoms


1. Describe the Gram staining procedure

2. Describe how catalase test would have been done (if this test was used)

3. Name all media that should have been inoculated to ID your unknown and why


1. Describe results for Gram reaction, cell shape and arrangement (look up information)

2. What color changes were observed for each test? Any zones of inhibition (for antibiotics only)?

3. Use pix of media found in the Gram + and – powerpoints for this

4. Choose a good microscopic picture (e.g. Gram stained organism) found on the web but you must reference the source.


1. Explain how your organism’s tests differed from the other gram – or +

2. Write at least two paragraph about the significance of your organism

e.g. Diseases it causes, Interesting facts etc. (The information can be collected from sources such as your text book, lab manual, or internet.)

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