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Chief Science Advisor Application Form

 Position: Science Policy Analyst, Office of the Chief Science Advisor. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada / Government of Canada. Link: Please answer the following 3 questions. Please reference relevant Canadian associations, policies, scientific discoveries ect. Question 1: What do you believe is the most pressing issue within the scope of theoretical and applied sciences today? Instructions: In a maximum of 250 words, describe what you consider is the most pressing issue as it relates to the fields of science (including natural sciences, applied sciences, mathematics, physics, engineering, humanities and social sciences) or science policy and discuss one potential approach to addressing the issue. Question 2: What do you believe is the role of evidence in influencing the governance of research and technology and of informing government policy? Instructions: In a maximum of 250 words, describe one effective component of science advice and one change you believe would result from the incorporation of sound science and effective evidence in government. Question 3: Give an example from your experience where you have seen science evidence influence policy or rules and regulations (at any level of governance or organization)

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