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•Evaluate the social, environmental and economic impacts of the venue typology on its surrounding communities and wider regions.
•2500 words – analyse the stated and potential impacts of your venue typology.
•Use journal articles, industry articles, and government reports
•Ex. Museum of London site recommended for proposed £278m concert hall
•Long term economic plan for London announced by Chancellor and Mayor of London – News stories – GOV.UK

The essay will follow this structure:


Describe the structure, content and purpose of your essay.

Briefly describe the venue typology under consideration, using the academic literature to highlight key characteristics which are likely to be connected with impact creation.

Provide the types of impacts (both positive and negative) to be discussed

Indicate that the key outcome of your synthesis of the available literature will be to form conclusions and make recommendations about how negative impacts be minimized and positive impacts maximized, how might existing venues improve their impacts and how new venues be developed to be more positively impactful.

Evaluation of Impacts

Discuss the economic feasibility, social desirability, and ecological soundness of the venue typology (chose illustrative examples from the literature to explain positive and negative industry examples).  Wherever possible, connect the characteristics of the venue typology to the impacts created (both positive and negative). 

Consider that impacts are not usually intrinsically negative or positive, depending on stakeholder perspective. For example, the creation of a new convention center could create additional congestion on urban transportation networks, but is also likely to result in the increasing frequency of services for local residents.  New cultural centers could lead to the gentrification of an area and the displacement of an existing community, but could also reduce crime and other social issues.


Demonstrate the extent to which you consider the beneficial social, economic and environmental impacts of this event venue typology to outweigh the negatives (or vice versa), providing reasons for your conclusions

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Assignment Outline