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Choose any two topics. Supporting your views with references: When

 Choose any two topics.


Supporting your views with references: 
When you make an assertion of fact, state that it is based on your own experience or provide an in-text citation for the reference source you used to support your response.  A minimum of two sources is required for the main topic, and for the reply posts. You do not need two sources for each topic, but you do need two sources across your main topic responses.  For maximum credit, you will need three or more.  You will also need a minimum of two references to support your reply responses to classmates.  For maximum credit, you will need three or more. 

See Content>Discussion Expectations for full instructions.  

TOPIC 1: Emerging Technologies PROMPT:  In your readings this week you will learn about some existing and emerging technologies and how they can be used to improve marketing and the customer experience.  Choose one of the following technologies:  

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Chatbot 
  • Extended reality
  • Voice marketing 

 Visit ANA Marketing Futures  to learn about these technologies or another technology that may be new to you. Describe an experience you may have had with this technology as a consumer and how it affected your experience with a company.  Female colleagues using a virtual assistant in an office.

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TOPIC 2: Ready for Future Customers?PROMPT:  Using the product or service you selected for your written assignments, consider how will your client market this product/service to potential customers in Generations Z and Alpha?  Is your client ready to do so? 

  1. Describe Gen Z in terms of behavioral, demographic, and psychographic characteristics. Chapter 2 Generation Gap in Marketing 5.0.
  2. Describe Generation Alpha in terms of behavioral, demographic, and psychographic characteristics.  Chapter 2 Generation Gap in Marketing 5.0 
  3. What are some changes would you recommend to reflect Gen Z and Alpha?

Toddler using digital tablet

TOPIC 3: Ready for the digital future?PROMPT:  Kotler et al. (2021) say: “In Marketing 5.0, businesses need to demonstrate to customers that the correct applications of technology may improve human happiness (p. 66).” Is your client using technology to improve human happiness? Again, using the product/service you selected for the written assignments, consider the following:

  1. How well do the technologies currently implemented by your client for this product/service address the digital divide? What changes would you recommend for the future (5-10 years)? See Chapter 4 Digital Divide in Marketing 5.0  
  2. Refer to Figure 4.2, the Technology Compass. Assess your client in the six aspects of the compass Chapter 4 Digital Divide in Marketing 5.0. How well do the technologies currently implemented by your client for this product/service provide personal, social, and experiential customer solutions?  What changes would you recommend for the future (5-10 years)? 

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