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Clinical Trials Comparison Research Proposal

 A one to two page proposal that can be presented to start-up companies and/or state agencies. This is more of a market research paper. You need to put together a market research on why Northwell Health’s Feinstein Institute Research facility based in New York would be a distinction for Clinical Trial studies compared to John Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente. Some of the information needed: 1. Number of patients that participate in the studies at each facility 2. Positive/negative outcomes of the studies 3. Staffing 2. Expertise 3. Why go to Northwell instead of the other institutions for Clinical Trials 4. Why should the U.K. choose Northwell Health 5. Any other pertinent information that would attract clinical trial studies to Northwell Health. 6. Please use the most up-to-date factual information. 7. Use as many sources needed. 8. Please try to keep under 3 pages (preferably 2).

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