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Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force and there work with elder abuse

please dont be insulted by thi information you may already know, im taking 6 classes and just need some help, ive included the first essay i wrote for some ideas. Identify a local agency or organization addressing the issue. For this requirement, you will need to identify an organization from the Senior Resource Directory in Cobb or Douglas County. Instructions: Once you have identified an agency or organization, you will submit a 2-3 page write-up addressing the following: Clearly state the agency or organization Provide a background/history of the organization Describe how the organization became involved in the issue What specific services are provided What population does the organization serve? Please only use APA formatting guidelines. Please include a separate cover page, double-space, indent paragraphs, cite sources, use 12 point, include a separate reference page, and finally, staple the pages together.

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Assignment Outline