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COLLECTING INFORMATION – Design consulting survey

Description Organizational Design consulting survey Use this form when collecting information about your client organization. Use those questions that seem most relevant. Do not forget to identify the organization. This assignment is a written paper not a power point. Please use the required questions as headers. Organizational Purpose What is the mission of this organization? What are the main goals? What organizational cultural beliefs support the mission and goals? How does the organization measure its success? Organizational Passage Describe the historical development of this organization. How does this organization respond to risk? Describe the balance between short-term and long-term focus for this organization. Describe how this organization approaches its external environment. How aware is this organization of its external environment? How much emphasis does this organization put on results, both short and long term? Internal Environment How well does this organization coordinate across functions? How is information shared across functions? What are the core processes and products provided by this organization? What unique processes and products does the organization produce well? Are there processes and products that prevent this organization from optimal performance? If so, how? External Environment Describe the clients of this organization. Are there potential future clients that are desirable for this organization? What suppliers does this organization depend on to meet its mission and goals? n Describe the competitors of this organization. What are some industry trends? Is there any regulation anticipated that will affect this organization and its industry? Please explain. Is there any new technology anticipated that will affect this organization and its industry? Please explain. Structural Dimensions What activities at this organization are performed by specialists? How specific are procedures at this organization? Does this organization use detailed work processes? How important are items such as employee handbooks, organizational charts and job descriptions to this organization? What levels of leadership have decision-making authority at this organization? Is this organization focused on employee empowerment? What is the span of control at the highest level of the organization (i.e., CEO level)? What is the span of control for first-line supervisors at this organization? Contextual Factors Describe any major changes that have occurred in the history of this organization. Explain the ownership structure of this organization. How many employees work at this organization? What financial information is available for this organization? How does this organization rank in comparison to its competitors? What are the goods and services this organization provides that support its mission? How specialized is the equipment used by this organization? Can work only be performed sequentially? Or is simultaneous work permissible for this organization? How is this organization structured geographically? How dependent is this organization on its largest suppliers? How dependent is this organization on its largest customers?

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