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Community Mental Health Grant Proposal

ASSIGNMENT 1 – Grant Proposal Prospectus (8 Points) Stress Reduction Intervention for Parents of Children with Autism This assignment, which is the initial outline and structure of your proposal, requires 1 ½ to 2 pages, single spaced. Do not submit more than 2 pages for this Assignment. This assignment should be submitted as an attachment (not in the text box) and with a cover page with your name and the title and number of the assignment to the Assignments Tab of Blackboard. Please answer ALL the questions below in narrative form (not in bullets). 1. Short description of project o What is your mental health prevention project about? o How many participants do you plan to have? o Why is this project needed? o How much money are you requesting? o Short description of organization requesting funding (called “the fiscal agent”). This is the organization that you (hypothetically) are representing in your funding request. 2. Statement of Need and Project Significance o What types of needs are met? o Whose needs are they? Participants? Community? o How were the needs identified? In the literature? Community committees? o Why is this project important? o How is it unique? Does it exist anywhere else? o How does it differ from current practice? 3. Plan of Operation/Scope of Work o Main goal of the project and no more than 3-4 measurable objectives o Description of all activities that will help participants meet the objectives of the project o Collaborations with other organizations that may provide enrichment services 4. Staffing, key personnel, and adequacy of resources o Who will “run” the project? o How many therapists or psychoeducational staff will you need? o What type of resources do you already have in terms of offices, activity rooms for groups, etc? If you do not have these resources, then they go into the budget as you will have to pay for them. 5. Budget o Estimated budget for project? The budget for the Prospectus should not exceed $150,000. You can request less, but keep in mind that all your expenses must be covered by the grant funding. Foundation grants are usually funded for a period of one year, so your budget should reflect that. 6. How will you evaluate success? o You will be evaluating the effectiveness of your programs based on objectives that must be measurable. o How will you do this? Pre and post tests? Interviews? Testimonials?

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Assignment Outline