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Competencies Discuss the importance of strategic planning within the field of healthcare. Assess strategic planning approaches and models used to

Discuss the importance of strategic planning within the field of healthcare.
Assess strategic planning approaches and models used to achieve organizational goals.
Assess key stakeholders role, impact, and influence on strategic planning.
Integrate the concepts of healthcare marketing and promotion into the strategic planning process.
Apply strategic planning approaches to create effective and relevant healthcare strategies, goals, and objectives.
Recommend a course of action based on the evaluation and implementation of a strategic plan.
The healthcare industry continues to face many challenges such as rising costs, consumer prices, prescription costs, lost revenue, mergers, and acquisitions. Most organizations are trying to address these barriers by implementing quality improvement strategies. You are about to graduate from Rasmussen College and are looking to land a job in the healthcare industry. After several weeks of research, networking, and submitting job applications, you receive a call from a talent acquisition specialist with Testing Health, Inc. After the initial phone interview, she tells you how impressed she is with your resume, skills, and knowledge, and so she would like to move forward with the next steps in the hiring process.
She informs you that the next step will be to provide the hiring manager an opportunity to view your knowledge and understanding of strategic planning and marketing. You have been given a week to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover narration. You will provide the talent acquisition specialist with the presentation via email, and she will forward it to the hiring manager for review.
To prepare your strategic plan and marketing presentation you will need to review the website of a company of your choosing within the healthcare industry. You will review the about page, mission, vision, services they provide, their target audience, any news or current mergers and acquisitions, and their last quarterly report. Based on your review, identify a mock, quality-improvement focus area. You will create a PowerPoint presentation outlining a 3-year strategic plan and marketing strategy based on your identified focus area, which may include adding or eliminating services, products, or staff for the company you researched.
Develop a 3-year strategic plan and marketing strategy using PowerPoint with a voiceover narration that includes the following:
A Strategic Plan that includes the following components:
The company’s current mission and vision statements
Create a flowchart to describe the remaining components
Focus area (at least 2 key goals)
Objectives (3-4 which defines each goal)
Strategies with timelines (How you will achieve each objective?)
A Marketing Strategy that includes a flowchart slide and the following components:
Marketing objective (statement of what the company wants to achieve)
The target audience
Marketing communication strategy (e.g., radio, tv, or Internet)
Timelines of how the marketing strategy will be executed
Your assignment should include a title slide and reference slide with a minimum of two Internet sources and one scholarly source, which must be retrieved from the Rasmussen Library.

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