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Complete both activity templates that attached. Due in 24 hours. Module 7 Activity For this activity you will be creating

Complete both activity templates that attached. Due in 24 hours.
Module 7 Activity
For this activity, you will be creating a one-page Issue Brief. An issue Brief is a short summary defining a problem and using supporting information to propose recommendations of action. You are the public information officer at a local health department. Recently, the state department of health announced a significant increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths statewide. The local media has contacted your office requesting a meeting to discuss CVD, and to learn what is being done in your community to reduce the number of deaths. The health officer in your department has asked you to prepare an issue briefing that describes the CVD problem in your community.1. Collect information about heart disease risk factors in your community, by going to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s County Health Rankings & Roadmaps website to locate data from the county of your residence at: http://www.countyhealthrankings.org2. Scan your county’s community health assessment for those risk factors associated with CVD. Risk factors might include tobacco smoking, overweight and obesity, physical activity/inactivity, access to exercise facilities/opportunities, access to healthy foods, and the prevalence of individuals living with chronic conditions associated with CVD, including diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.3. Using the statistics you collected, prepare an issue briefing that defines cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, what the statistics indicate about risk factors in your community, what can be done to reduce these risks, and one recommendation for improving outcomes in your community. Use the Issue Brief Template to organize your assignment
Module 8 Activity
In this module, you have learned about controversial topics, such as the use of pesticides and genetic engineering in agriculture, as well as the fortification of foods. In this assignment, you will examine some of the commonly held beliefs about these topics and utilize peer-reviewed evidence to present a brief counter argument.

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