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Complete Required Content listed in the content area & Read:

Complete Required Content listed in the content area & Read: Blais & Hayes Chapters 4/5:Ethical/Legal Foundations of Professional Nursing & 12 The Nurse’s Role as Political Advocate

Then Discuss:

  1. analysis of how the following guide moral, ethical and legal conduct in nursing practice: professional standards, and state/national statutes/rules/regulations
  2. analysis of how your own personal biases might impact difficult healthcare decisions and your ability to provide care
  3. resources you have identified that are available to nurses including how they might be applied to help resolve ethical practice dilemmas 
  4. analysis of the risks of being a nurse and some actions self can apply to enhance quality of care and reduce risks
  5. Discuss and analyze ways in which political factors influence healthcare delivery and practice
  6. Optional:  Share your spiritual and cultural assessment assignments with your group if you wish.

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