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Complete the attached required reading and read the Overview. Overview

  1. Complete the attached required reading and read the Overview.


This individual assignment serves as a capstone paper to reflect on the goal of this course. The goal of this course is to teach healthcare professionals and managers to identify situations that raise potential legal and ethical issues and help the student understand how the law can be changed to promote our ethical principles and policy goals. For issues related to regulation vs. legislation (rulemaking).

In this assignment you will demonstrate your achievement in the following professional competencies:

  • Ethical decision-making
  • Professionalism
  • Legal principles development, application, and assessment
  • Information seeking
  • Written Communication
  • Impact & Influence of management and leadership
  • Change Leadership
  • Innovative thinking
  1. Write a minimum of a 6-page paper that includes all of the following:
    • In this assignment, you will take the perspective of a healthcare executive solving an ethical dilemma that your organization, community, and/or the healthcare profession at large are facing.
    • Research and analyze any of the cases we have examined in this course or one you have located outside the course material which you believe presents a conflict between healthcare professional ethics and current legal statutes.
    • After you have researched and analyzed a case that you believe presents a conflict between healthcare professional ethics and current legal statutes, you will compose a proposal to other healthcare executives soliciting their support for legal reform with the State Legislature.
    • You can use a case in our textbook or an external source.
    • Develop a proposal to include the following items:
      • Describe how healthcare professionals and leaders can bring about changes in healthcare legal or ethical issues.
      • Explain the current conflict between healthcare professional ethics and the current legal statute you have selected. Use cases and outside resources to explain your position.
      • Develop a proposal that will present a new piece of legislation that will address the ethical conflict. There are no wrong or right answers, yet make sure to link your new law to previous cases and/or healthcare ethical principles. Use already existing laws but be creative in writing a law.
      • Identify the barriers to implementing the law, who the stakeholders are, and how the barriers can be overcome.
    • Organize your paper in the following manner:
      • Title page
      • Introduction (Summarize the case you selected. Include an explanation of why you selected this case and how it meets the criteria. Specifically state the ethical dilemma).
      • Research
      • Proposal
      • Description of proposal
      • Conflict
      • Proposed legislation
      • Barriers
      • Reference page
      • Appendices (if needed)
      • Note: Follow APA formatting guidelines Links to an external site.

Links for additional reading: (Cornelius, F. (1994, October 7). Crushed by my own reform Links to an external site.[Editorial]. The New York Times, A2.)

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