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Computer Science: Accunetix

The reports should summarize what you have accomplished for your term project. The report should be no more than 20 double-spaced pages, including references, figures and tables. The font size should be larger than or equal to 11 points. It should have the following sections:

• Cover page – Similar to Proposal Cover Page. • Introduction – Expanded from your proposal. • Background – Expanded from your proposal. • Lab Design/Research Methodology – Expanded from your proposal. • Results – Describe the results from your study and what you have learned from this research. • Conclusions – Discuss your contributions, impact of your results and maybe future works. • References – List any bibliography that you have used in the project. You should explicitly “cite” your references in the main text in order to support your claims. It will be regarded as plagiarism if you copy any writing, figures or tables from bibliography or online sources without providing appropriate references. In the case of plagiarism, you will receive a failing grade for this class no matter what grades you have received from other assignments.

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Assignment Outline