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Conflict management

Textbook name: Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills,3rd Edition. By Carson F. Dye.

ISBN-13: 978-1567938463 or ISBN-10: 1567938469

can be found on for free and can be downloaded as PDF


After reading chapter 16 (conflict management P 225) in the textbook by Dye, please state what your personal conflict management style is on the Thomas-Kilmann Mode Instrument (Pages 230->  )  Then give an example of one of the following.  Minimum word count 200 words.

1) An example of how your current conflict management style will help you resolve a conflict with a co-worker/teammate.


2)  Tell me what conflict management style you wish you had and give an example of what you would  try to do to resolve a disagreement with that new style.

Please go straight to the point.

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Assignment Outline