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Consider a crime like murder that might have different legal

Consider a crime like murder that might have different legal consequences based on whether it is considered to be a hate crime. When someone murders another person, the offender can be prosecuted and sentenced for this offense, given sufficient evidence to prove that the individual committed this act. Let’s say that the offender left placards around the dead body that stated: “All Muslims must leave the country or die.” In this case, the prosecutor might be able to prove that the murder was a hate crime. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of prosecuting the murder as a hate crime?

For this Discussion, you will research and analyze hate crime legislation. In your post, you will discuss whether hate crime legislation affects the occurrence of certain types of criminal acts, victim impact, or social change.

  • Explain what effects, if any, hate crime legislation, prosecution, and punishment have on:
    • The occurrence of hate crimes
    • Victim impact
    • Social change
  • Compare sentencing for hate crimes to sentencing for the same crime that has not been labeled a hate crime.
  • Justify your opinion based on scholarly resources

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