Consider all of the topics

Consider all of the topics you have learned about. As a newly informed consumer of research, how has your knowledge and understanding of research and evidence-based practice changed throughout the course? Consider how you could apply this newfound knowledge and understanding to your current or future practice as an RN. How can you apply research findings to your work and improve your practice?

In this assignment, be sure to include the following:

  • Reflect on your growth in the class. What have you learned that you did not know when you came in?
  • Apply this learning to current or future practice. How does research inform evidence-based practice?

Topics learned about:

-Nursing Research and Its Role in Evidence-Based Practice (history, theory, practice)

-Ethics in Research

-Research in Literature

-Quantitative Research

-Qualitative Research


With the increased mobility of human populations, diseases can quickly spread around the world. In addition, changes in vaccination practices have revealed an increase in communicable diseases that were once thought to be under control. These global health issues present new problems for community health officials.

In the simulation, you learned how an influenza virus impacted the community. Provide a PDF report of your completed activities.

In this task, also analyze an outbreak of a specific global communicable disease that occurred in the last 50 years that crossed international borders (e.g., the measles outbreak that moved from the Philippines to the United States)

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