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Considering your role specialization nurse educator nurse informatics nurse administrator and family FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER this is my subject or

Considering your role specialization (nurse educator, nurse informatics, nurse administrator, and family (FAMILY NURSE PRACTITIONER)))) this is my subject…… or adult-gerontology NP), identify the top three current trends or issues that you believe to be most important with regard to your chosen role and the impact the role has on patient outcomes. Synthesize knowledge from values theory, ethics and legal regulatory statutes, and develop your personal philosophy for a career as an advanced practice nurse. Be sure to incorporate the content of Week 5 (audio-visuals).
Participation Responses: No later than the due date assigned, review and comment on the discussion question responses posted by at least two of your peers and faculty. Continue to monitor your question and responses until the end of the week.
Guidelines: Support your responses with scholarly academic references using APA style format. Assigned course readings and online library resources are preferred. Weekly lecture notes are designed as overviews to the topic for the respective week and should not serve as a citation or reference.

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