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Consumer Behavior: American Apparel



The assignment for the final is to put together strategic recommendations for two brands, in the standard business recommendation format.


For those of you who did not have the option of using your midterm idea, you will need to pick two brands from the list.


Once you pick your brands you must identify a niche target for your efforts and back up your choices with research.

You may not use the primary target for the brand. Although you are welcome to look at the brand’s website you should not use the information on it as “research.”  Websites are PR vehicles.

You should not be “reporting” about something the brand is doing now or thinking of doing.  You need to come up with new ideas for the brand based on what we have learned in class this semester.

As this is a recommendation it must be specific.  You cannot say “we will partner with a Vlogger without indicating which one and why. 

You cannot say we will use magazines such as…and give me a list.  You must pick the best magazine for your target based on research and then indicate how you will use it.

If you end up recommending more than one medium in a category – say tv shows – then I need to know why.  Perhaps one has the highest concentration of the target but another has broader reach.  That would make sense, but you will need to have the research to support your choices.


Here is the list of brands that you may choose from…


American Apparel







Dairy Pure Milk

Delta Airlines

JC Penney



You will develop your recommendations in the standard business recommendation format, which I have attached. 


I have also attached an example for McCormick Spices.


Standard Business Recommendation Format


Introductory sentence

(This provides a recommendation that…)



(This section provides context for the recommendation.)



(The recommendation should be stated clearly in a single sentence).


This recommends that Company A implement XYZ plan. 


(Use the following standard lead-in for the rationale.  Follow this by the three most compelling rationale in order of diminishing importance).

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Assignment Outline