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Continue evaluating the company that you selected in Unit 1.

Continue evaluating the company that you selected in Unit 1. This week, consider how the leaders and managers of the organization support diversity and identify any evidence of efforts to support diversity within the organization.

Leaders and Managers

Discuss how the company that you selected addresses diversity at the highest leadership levels.

Include specific actions that it has taken to promote diversity throughout the company.

Does the company demonstrate a corporate responsibility related to diversity?

What actions has it taken?

Do the leaders and managers encourage a corporate culture that supports diversity?

In what ways do they develop that culture?

Diversity Data

Discuss whether the leadership and management efforts have resulted in a diverse workplace and a culture that supports diversity.

Include any available statistical data on the company’s diverse populations (gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.), and analyze whether those data accurately reflect the company’s efforts to support diversity.

Do you find evidence of diversity within the organization at all levels from chief executive officer (CEO) to front-line employees?

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