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Contribution of natural selection in the theory of evolution.

Objectives: 1. To explore the contribution of natural selection in the theory of evolution. 2. To evaluate the impacts that natural selection has, particularly the preservation of a group of organisms that are best adjusted to the physical and biological conditions of their environment and may also result in their improvement in some case. 3. To suggest strategies over the course of species evolution. Guidelines:  Write an editorial for a newspaper that tries to persuade the reader on the need of emphasizing natural selection considered to be an important landmark in the evolutionary process and the origin of species. o The report should be (750 – 1000 words) and include all of the following deliverables  Introduction that establishes the main issue/position to be argued  Analysis that evaluates the evidence of common descent and decent with modification-two key ideas central to the theory of evolution.  A conclusion that includes your stance on the topic and suggested strategies, as based on the evidence presented.  The last page (not counted towards the word count) should include a list of references in APA formatting style o A minimum of 4 sources with supporting evidence should be used. o The sources should be credible and reliable, books, institutional and educational websites, and with minimum of 2 from peer-reviewed journals. o All external sources should be cited in-text according to APA formatting style and a reference list

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