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Creative Cloud Libraries

Description Learning Objectives Covered LO 04.04 – Discuss advantages and disadvantages of utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud libraries to organize assets Career Relevancy The Adobe Creative Cloud libraries were introduced so designers could store and retrieve project assets across a variety of programs and platforms (i.e., different computers, phones, tablets or iPad and more). Sharing the libraries within a work environment ensures that all projects maintain consistent components, colors, and structure regardless of who is working on the project. This is something vital in corporate brand development and maintenance. Background Wk4Disc.jpgCreative Cloud Libraries are collections of design assets such as colors, brushes, graphics, and text styles. Most often, the collections maintained in CC Libraries pertain to specific projects or clients. For example, a client’s logo can be stored up in a library, along with the colors generally utilized for their work and so on. If, during the process of design development, an asset changes – for example, the client decides to change the tagline on a logo. (A tagline would be like “Just Do It” for Nike – it’s the small line of text close to a logo which tells you about what they are selling or how it is being sold.) Once the asset is changed and re-uploaded to the cloud, all instances of its use will be updated automatically. This saves time, dollars and ultimately many headaches in the fast-paced world of design. CC Libraries assets are available across several platforms like desktop apps, phones, or tablets. They are also available within all of the Adobe programs, and the assets can be shared with colleagues and clients alike. The CC Libraries can be found under Window>Libraries. The libraries panel can be used to create, view, rename, edit, sort, view or remove items from a library. Additional libraries can be created according to need. For example, each client or project may have its own library. While sharing assets can be great, it can also be scary. Why? What if a well-meaning colleague did some house cleaning in the library and deleted assets that are still being utilized? That could be a major problem! While the owner of the library can control whether a colleague has permission to edit or not, big problems can still occur. Being aware of these potential problems will help to avert disaster in the first place. Prompt For this week’s discussion, you are going to pretend you are working out in the field as a graphic designer. Your boss has approached you with a task: They have heard of the CC Libraries and are wondering which of the following clients it might work well for and which it won’t and why. Client A is a regular customer – an auto parts store. They bring in project work every single week, each project requiring that the manufacturer’s logos be utilized, along with photos of the parts, pricing and so on. The store handles parts from just five manufacturers and regularly creates large window banners that look very similar, just highlighting different things. Client B has a newspaper that is created once a month. The overall format (logos, typeface, etc.) of the newspaper is always the same, but the elements used within change with every month. Client C is a marketing company that specializes in marketing materials for dentist offices. They have pre-formatted brochures and websites, so Client C looks to your company for logo work: a custom logo, business card, and stationary, but nothing further. Research how, when and where Adobe CC Libraries are utilized and then decide the following for each scenario presented above: Would it be beneficial to create a CC Library for this company? Why or why not? What elements would you recommend housing in the library and why? Are there any disadvantages to using CC Libraries in each scenario? Why or why not? For your citation, you might use articles that show examples of CC Libraries in use within the workplace. You can also find articles from experts that suggest when and how to utilize CC Libraries. Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other. Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together. Instructions (if needed) to upload and embed images to the discussion: (make sure you reference all images you use)

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