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Criminal Aspects of Health Care


Write a 6–8-page academic research paper on health care crimes and criminal law in the health care industry. In a 6–8-page academic research paper: Discuss what criminal law is, its main objectives, and the various classifications of crimes. Describe the criminal procedure process from arrest through trial and discuss how health care managers can mitigate risks to avoid civil and criminal liability. Describe five prevalent crimes that occur in the health care setting, such as health care fraud, kickbacks, false claims, tampering with drugs, Internet pharmacy, falsification of records, patient abuse, criminal negligence, manslaughter, murder, rape, sexual abuse, and theft. Research an actual case related to each of your chosen crimes, summarizing and providing detail on the ultimate outcome of the cases you chose. Discuss the role that health care managers have in assuring the organizations they lead are legally compliant and what protections can be put in place to assure criminal activities are prevented within their organizations. Paper Structure Structure your paper using the following format.

Title page. Introduction. Section 1 – Criminal Law. Section 2 – Criminal Procedure Process. Section 3 – Health Care Crimes. Section 4 – Role of Health Care Managers. Conclusion. References. Additional Requirements Your assessment should also meet the following requirements: Written communication: Should be clear, concise, well organized, and free of errors that detract from the overall message. Length: 6–8 double-spaced pages, excluding title and references pages. Number of citations: Cite at least five current scholarly or professional resources. APA format: Citations and references should be formatted according to current APA style. Refer to the Supplemental Resources link in the courseroom navigation panel for additional information on APA style and formatting. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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