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Critically analyse the literature associated with the adaptation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the Psychosis (CBTp)


– Examine the relevant literature in close detail, – Identifying important points and key features. – Weigh arguments for and against – Assessing the strength of evidence. – Use criteria to determine which opinions, theories, models or items are preferable. P.S: I need to find a writer who is really competent in this area. I am also searching for and collecting the literature, and I can share it with you. The paper must be written in British English; the sentences must be well expressed without grammar errors. I share with you the documents I found since now, and I would like to keep in touch with the writer for new updates. I am open to receive his/her feedback as well (just in case he/she has other material to share with) I attached the lecture and my notes so you can have an idea about the topics to consider for the content of the analysis

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Assignment Outline