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CSCI 351 Assignment 260 pointsInstruction: · Show your own work (

CSCI 351 Assignment 2

60 points


· Show your own work (at least 50% penalty otherwise)

· Submit
a single WORD document (*.doc or *docx only) containing all your answers to the assignment folder (“Assignment X”) under D2L (at least 10% penalty otherwise)

· Make sure you submit the intended one. It is recommended that you download what has been uploaded and double-check if the correct document has been submitted.

· You can submit as many times as you want, but the last submission will only be graded. If the last submission is made after the deadline, there will be a late submission penalty.

· No plagiarism: Do not copy and paste any from textbooks and other resources to answer questions (Zero points will be given otherwise).

· Turnitin file similarity should be less than 10%

· AI misuse or AI writing detection (

· Should be less than 10%

· No resubmission/extension request will be accepted.

Problem 1. Vernam (One-time pads) Cipher (60 pt., 20 pt. each)

a. Create a mapping table to represent all 26 uppercase letters (A-Z) using 5-bit binary codes. For instance, A and Z can be represented as 00000 and 11001, respectively. Table 1 is an example for your reference.











b. Based on the mapping table you created, we can encode and decode your own name in Vernam cipher. Firstly, construct a string using your name and take the first letters as your message. For instance, my name is “Jessica Wang”. The constructed string is “JESSICAWANG” and message is “JESSI”.

Find your name (USE THE NAME “Griselda Osornio”) and use the key “HELLO” for encryption. What is the ciphertext C? Show your steps.

c. With the ciphertext C that you got in Problem1.b, show your steps for decryption using the same key.


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