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Culture and Health Program


The purpose of the Program Proposal is to synthesize what you have learned about the culture-health relationship and apply it by proposing a health promotion intervention that addresses a specific population and health issue, identifying key cultural issues involved and incorporating them in the program design. In this proposal, you will address HIV/AIDS. The paper should be in the following format: • Health issue (3 points): Health Issue, target population and epidemiology • Population and cultural issues (7 points): Description of affected population, including cultural factors relevant to the impact of the health problem • Program (5 points): Proposed program approach and components. • Incorporation of cultural issues (5 points): Explanation of cultural factors incorporated into program design and rationale for inclusion The paper should be between 5 and 7 pages and double-spaced. Make sure to include citations and references wherever necessary, and format the references in APA style (posted on Blackboard) and listed at the end of the report under the heading of “References”. The references should not be counted in the 5 to 7 page limit Please use this book as one of the references: Edberg M. (Forthcoming 2011). Culture, Health and Diversity: Understanding People, Reducing Disparities

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