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Cyber Security threats and challenges within the transportation and logistics management industry.


Problem Statement: Cyber Security threats and challenges within the transportation and logistics management industry.

The Project Outline of research project.Each major section within your final project should be covered in this paper. The Project Outline must be in narrative form, and be descriptive enough that explains each element of your project. Use and Expound on the following: Supply chain managers have a relatively new risk to tackle, cyber-security. Major logistics companies globally struggle with keeping their private data secure and businesses are investing resources to address this serious concern. The cyber-security challenges faced by transportation and logistics management industry are as follows: Connectivity Rush. Every industry in the world has integrated new technology in the day-to-day activities, which is key to supply chain management. The ability to monitor and maintain major supply chain network operations remotely is critical as this industry becomes more complex. Unfortunately, the benefits of easy connectivity leaves the industry open and vulnerable, hence finding the balance between security and connectivity is a huge challenge for supply chain professionals and organizations. Solution The security of systems should be considered first before implementing new technology in this industry. Technology providers should be consulted so as to understand precautions needed to combat vulnerability in their technology. Untrained Staff. An individual with inadequate knowledge on cyber threats can plunge a business into a catastrophic cyber-security incident despite the most advanced firewalls and security devices and systems. Email phishing and security shortcuts are employed by clever criminals. Training the entire staff about these new threats is nearly impossible. Solution. Staff members should be trained on proper cyber-security procedures throughout the modern supply chain. No plan. There is a probability for even the most secure networks and facilities to experience a cyber attack. This can be through a new update in a software or an “open door” created by a staff member, rising the chances of an attack. The assumption that the network is 100% secure makes recovery a nightmare in case of an attack. Solution. Supply chain companies should realize no network is completely secure, hence formulate a plan to react in case of an attack. Having an action plan is important, and the company should ensure staff members understand how to use it in case an attack occurred. Paper should have the following: Abstract Introduction to the topic, problem or thesis statement Literature Review Background Research on the topic Discussion of your ideas on the topic and problem 

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