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D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers: An Autobiographical Approach

CONTENTS INTRODUCTION (6-8 pages. Start with general remarks on the Victorian and Modern period. one or two paragraphs. Then Explain what you do in the thesis in each chapter. Mention the questions you want to find answers. and how you answer the questions. I. AN OVERVIEW OF THE GENRE (1 0r 2 pages) i. Biography (at least 4-5 pages) ii. Memoire (at least 2-3 pages) iii. Testimony (at least 2-3 pages) iv. Autobiography (at least 4-5 pages) vi. Autobiographical Novel (at least 4 pages) (This part should be at least 20 pages) II: AN OVERVIEW OF D.H. LAWRENCE’S LİFE (10-pages) III. CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF SONS AND LOVERS (10 pages) IV. AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ASPECTS OF SONS AND LOVERS (15-20 pages) CONCLUSION (AT LEAST 5 PAGES) BIBLIOGRAPHY

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