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Data Breach

Try to use something recently happened like on 2019. Your case study should be in proper APA style format (including APA style headings), minimum 5 pages in length (pagination does not include title page, abstract, and references), and accurate in spelling and grammar. It should contain the following sections: Title Page: Please use MLA style (example: ) and Abstract: Summary of most important points, the purpose and content of your paper. Introduction: What is the significance of the case study? Body of the Case: Sections and sub-sections discussing the situation; what created it, how it transpired and what was done to prevent future recurrence. Proposed Solution: Your analysis for the proper handling of the situation. Offer suggestions with factual support. Conclusion: Summary of the discussion and the solution presented. References: Should be cited in the text in numerical order and listed on a separate page; once a reference is cited, all subsequent citations should be to the original number.

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Assignment Outline