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Data collection and Analysis

Data collection and Analysis Utilizing the Research Plan you prepared for Assignment 1, your task is: • To perform the data collection presented and discussed in your plan. • To produce a 2,000-word report on the research including: 1. Discussion and critical analysis of the data you have collected 2. A critical reflection on the approach you chose to take. 3. To provide evidence of the data collected in an appendix This is the second part of the one that you made with the survey. It is the same subject that you made. This is the template:  INTRODUCTION (written in third person) – 100 words (recommended)Introduce some context of the research before you begin your discussion – it was a survey for 40 people. I share it on my facebook account and my friends completed it  RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (written in third person) -‐ 1200 words (recommended)This section should comprise of the results (which have been analysed), which depending on your method may comprise of figures (graphs, statistical analysis, word clouds), tables (numerical), or narrative quotes within the text. These need to be described (what do they show?) and discussed in relation to the literature in your literature review (Assignment One). This section should be critically underpinned by relevant critical sources.  CRITICAL REFLECTION (written in first person) -‐ 700 words (recommended) In this section, you will critically contemplate your general approach and your method to consider the success of the research you have done. You will also consider what you have learned from the experience that you can take forward to future projects. The critical has to be composed of the two following parts: 1)ANALYSIS OF APPROACH: Using relevant methodological literature, what were the strengths and weaknesses linked to the data collection approach you chose? Did your approach achieve what you thought it would, did it meet your aims and objectives? What would you do differently if you were to do this project again (eg. Interview more/fewer people, use a different data collection format, look at a different advert, ask different questions, etc.)? Why? 2) PERSONAL REFLECTION: Considering the dissertation project you will be doing in your final year, what general points will you take away from this project? Questions you could consider include: •Was data collection easier/harder/more complicated than you originally thought? •Was there an aspect of the research that you found really rewarding/interesting/difficult? Why? •Was your question too broad or too narrow? •Did you create more data than you knew what to do with, or not enough? •What will you do differently in future to compensate for or correct any issues you encountered? Make sure you consider this reflection objectively rather than subjectively – for example, avoid phrases such as ‘I liked this’ or ‘this was boring’. Support your claims with explanations and consider how you would work around issues/replicate positive experiences (e.g. ‘… the focus group was more difficult to manage than I thought it would be because people spoke over each other and I missed what the quieter people were saying. In future, to avoid this issue, I would…) APPENDIX: Think about the type of information you can provide to prove that you performed the research. If it was a focus group or interview include a photo of the participants and a copy of the notes you took during the process. If it was a survey include some of the filled in surveys and a copy of the questions you asked. Answers from the survey: Total answers: 40 Nationality: 11 romanian 16 British 2 trinidadian 1 HKer 2 American 2 iranian 1 austrian 1 polish 1 hungarian 1 turkish 1 czech 1 serbian Gender : 12 male (30%) 28 female ( 70%) Do you use apple brand? Agreement -14 Strongly Agree -10 Agree – 7 Uncertain -0 Disagree – 6 Strongly disagree – 3 What aspect of the online mobile phone advert made you interact with it? Information- 7 Design – 18 Creativity- 5 Personal Interest- 10 Do you think social media advertisments make a strong apple brand? Agreement – 8 Strongly Agree -9 Agree – 13 Uncertain -6 Disagree – 4 Strongly disagree – 0 Does Reduction in social media advertisements affect your preference for Apple smartphones? Agreement – 1 Strongly Agree – 1 Agree – 10 Uncertain -13 Disagree – 13 Strongly disagree-2 Do you think social media advertisements promote Apple Smartphones product? Agreement – 5 Strongly Agree – 9 Agree – 20 Uncertain -5 Disagree – 1 Strongly disagree-0 Do you think Advertising affect your Buying behavior? Agreement – 6 Strongly Agree – 11 Agree – 12 Uncertain -7 Disagree – 5 Strongly disagree-1 Do you give advertised products priority when making a purchase? Agreement – 0 Strongly Agree -3 Agree – 12 Uncertain -13 Disagree – 12 Strongly disagree-0 Do you purchase that have continues flow of social media advertisements? Agreement – 0 Strongly Agree – 3 Agree – 11 Uncertain -20 Disagree – 3 Strongly disagree-3 Do you agree that social media advertisements change a person’s preference to a certain product? Agreement – 6 Strongly Agree -14 Agree – 15 Uncertain -4 Disagree – 0 Strongly disagree-1 Have you ever made a mobile phone purchase after viewing an online mobile phone advert? YES- 14 NO- 26 What level of influence did social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook among others play when you were purchasing your current Apple phone? Extremely Influential – 3 Very Influenctial –11 Moderately Influential- 10 Slightly Influencial – 6 Not at all Influential -10 Where did you get the necessary information before purchasing your current IPhone? Friends and Family- 16 Smartphone retail store- 14 Social media platforms- 10 Smartphone websites- 0 Blogs and online articles – 10 Others (please specify) – 0

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