Data stored in a health care facility must

80.   In what CPT code range is Surgical Pathology found?


A. 88515–88598

B. 88300–88309

C. 88400–80499

D. 88000–80299


81.   The federal law that requires a patient’s written consent prior to disclosure of certain medical information by government agencies is called the


A. Health Care Amendment of 1976.

B. Privacy Act of 1974.

C. Health Information Law of 2002.

D. Medical Consent Act of 1965.

82.   Data stored in a health care facility must


A. be organized in accordance with state standards for electronic data interchange.

B. adhere to OIG policies and procedures.

C. conform to the physician’s expectations for data storage.

D. comply with HIPAA rules and must be maintained securely.

83.   Under HIPAA, health care facilities must


A. maintain a clean, safe working environment.

B. choose a privacy officer in accordance with HIPAA policies and procedures.

C. keep records of patients who refill prescriptions more than once within a three-month timeframe.

D. follow up with patients who repeatedly miss scheduled appointments for mandatory services.

84.   What CPT code would be assigned for a colpocentesis?


A. 57135

B. 57859

C. 57600

D. 57020

85.   A patient is prescribed a medication that narrows the blood vessels and raises her blood pressure. The medication is most likely a


A. tranquilizer.

B. vasoconstrictor.

C. cardiotonic.

D. cardiogenic.

86.   If patients choose to obtain copies of their medical records, under the terms of HIPAA, providers can


A. complete employee paperwork.

B. charge a reasonable fee for providing copies of those records.

C. reschedule office visits to allow time to update medical records.

D. also fulfill requests for prescription data.


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