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Defining Diversity and Defining inclusion

 First, read Phillips’ “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter” and Groysberg & Connolly’s “Great Leaders Who Make the Mix Work”. Then, write and submit a 200-400 word response to the following questions: 1.Using quotations and/or paraphrasing from the Phillips and Groysberg & Connolly articles, provide a definition of diversity and a definition of inclusion. Using one (or both) articles, explain how these two ideas—diversity and inclusion—may function together in a workplace or educational institution. 2.What are the strengths of the definitions in Phillips and in Groysberg & Connolly? Were there any weaknesses or limitations to the definitions that you noticed? 3.Using ideas from Phillips’ research review, explain the key ways diversity can influence the work of teams and organizations. 4.Groysberg and Connolly describe 6 strategies to help create an inclusive culture. Define what is meant by an “inclusive culture”; then choose one strategy, and explain how it “makes the mix [of employees from various backgrounds and experiences] work” for positive workplace outcomes.

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Assignment Outline