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DESIGN WORK-Identify procurement options available under the NEC3 suite of contracts

Description 1. Identify procurement options available under the NEC3 suite of contracts 1.1 How many procurement option / system available to use (in General)? 1.2 What is NEC3 system? 1.3 Available option under NEC 3 1.4 The benefit of using NEC3 2. Produce a structured programme of works in accordance with the procurement strategy and demonstrate tracking for one payment cycle. 2.1 You should develop a detailed, resourced, resource-managed and costed programme for the project using MS Project which is saved as MS Project 2010. 2.2 This can cover the whole life cycle. The programme must match the intended procurement route. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is to be prepared and the planning must be structured within this WBS. 2.3 As a minimum, baseline time and cost information is to be prepared for the various stakeholders and the submission should also demonstrate tracking of the project for the first payment cycle. Throughout the development of this work, it is essential that there is consistency and linkage between all of the components. Please focus the design of project in Tunnel Train System Construction. This is because the client’s project management plan, risk management plan, environmental plan, site waste management plan and health & safety plan are based on the Tunnel Train System Construction. The work will require referenced and created graphics, tables and diagrams. Please explain the content in very detail. Particular in part 2 – structured programme of works

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