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Detailed requirements are in the file “requirement”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please describe one

Detailed requirements are in the file “requirement”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please describe one lesson learned in managing projects based on your experience of working in your 60061 coursework team 

Observation/experience of a certain point:

Important:My job (in the group) is to raise interview questions about risk and make videos

(What happened   10 marks

When did it happen/ In what situation it happened 3 marks

What is your/other’s role  2 marks

What did you or others do? 7 marks

At the moment: why or what were the motivations for you to do so? 8 marks 

What are consequences of doing so? 15 marks)

Evaluations and reflection:

(A statement of :

Did it go well/wrong?/What was positive and negative? /The impacts on project delivery or you 5 marks

Detailed reflection:

Thinking back: Why it was well /not well?/What did you/others do well/not so well in the point you mentioned? 10 marks

What theory/research can also explain why this worked well/not well? 15 marks)

Recommendation – how to avoid this failure/continue the success:

(What would you do in a similar situation 

      * Generalise the specific learning point/situation/events/ideas   5 marks

      * Detailed guidance  of actions –  What aspects of knowledge/skills do you want to develop/a step-by-step detailed method summarised 10 marks

Recommendations are supported by observation or literature  10 marks)

You need to have both individual-level (yourself) and team-level (collective/others) learning in your report 

You need to fulfil the lower marking criteria first, then you can be considered for the next level 

For example, if your description of your events/experience is not detailed enough, even though you have a good analysis to literature, it will not be marked to 60

Good experience is also an important learning source

The nature of this report is self-reflection, so using first-person is allowed. However, your reflections cannot be subjective.

No plagiarism (including self-plagiarism)

1500 words +-10% (exclude reference list)

Times New Roman, Calibri  font, size 12, Arial font, size 11, line spacing 1.5



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