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Determine the genre of the song.


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Music is a living art.  As with other humanities, music changes based on the culture, trends, and the artists who create it.  As such, music has evolved over time.  The following videos have a sampling of that evolution.  Your task is to pick one song from the videos and evaluate it.  To earn full credit in your forum you should:

  • Identify the decade of the video that the song appears.
  • State the song title and the artist.
  • Determine the genre of the song.  Is it rock and roll, rap, country, etc?  What aspects of the song helped you identify its genre?
  • Using two musical terms from this chapter, discuss the song.  You can consider:  Beat, tempo, melody, harmony, texture, and dynamics.
  • Then, evaluate the song.  What’s good about it?  Why did you choose it?
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