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Development assignment in toddler

 Description Start by asking the 6 questions for the developmental interview: 1. Do you have any concerns about your child’s vision or hearing? 2. What changes have you seen in your child’s development recently? 3. What kind of child is he or she? 4. What do you and your child enjoy doing together? 5. What are his or her favorite play activities? 6. Have there been any stressful events in the family recently? The next section will be a comparison of the child to expected development and actual development. Text book is acceptable. Please give concrete examples of how you evaluated the infant / child Nutrition Expected (source of info) Actual / Assessment Nutrition: (graph out weight / height and head circumference on growth chart) BMI for the school age: print out tool and include in appendix Nutritional assessment to include sample diet and approximate calorie consumption. Nutritional analysis: iron, calcium intake, protein, veggies etc. Additional information: • How often does the family eat out / fast food? • Who cooks? • How many nights per week do they sit down together as a family? • What kind of an eater is he / she? • How often does the child snack? Milestones Expected according to text book Physical (general appearance: hair, skin, teeth, body type, vision) Immunizations- are they up to date Temperament / personality • Temper tantrums / defiant behaviors • How does the family discipline the child? Social (friends / family interaction / day care / school) • Cell phone use • Text messaging • Video games • TV viewing • Language

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Assignment Outline