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Development of the Chassis and Steering System for a Narrow Track Rapid Response Vehicle under Traffic Congestion Conditions


Just need to follow the files provided File. no 1: 1 file is the final output file from the writer. It has 2 chapters and the writer needs to develop those 2 chapters using the information provided from the Thesis proposal file and LR of NTRRV file. And for the literature review which is chapter two in file 1 for this, i have already attached an LR of NTRRV file. For this writer need to follow this file and develop LR to the writer’s final and also add LR about some more NTV’s which aren’t included in the file which is provided by me. Lastly, for the chapter 3 in 1 file. The current system used in the NTV’s and operational analysis about it. To the writer, I wanted you to develop 2 different doc files for chapter 2 and chapter 3. For chapter 2 1000 words and chapter 3 1000 words files. For references, for chapter 2 add to it separately at the end and same with the other chapter. * 9 references each* 

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Assignment Outline