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Discrimination in the workplace

Problem-Based Learning/Research Assignment Requirements (Research Paper) The aim of the research paper is to explore and highlight a real-life human resources public administration issue/dilemma, to gain valuable insights as to how these human resource issues result into legal issues and how they are dealt with in the public sector, and to share with the class various approaches taken by public officials to address these issues. Students are also expected to explain how they would have addressed such HR dilemmas. Further details will be provided in the actual assignment, which is posted on the main web page of this course. All problem-based/research assignments are due by 11:55pm on Sunday of the assigned week. Students are expected to use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. All written assignments must be in APA form and should be double-spaced with 12 point font and Times New Roman Script. Full citation is expected, according to APA. Papers are evaluated on process and substance, including the student’s ability to synthesize the material and provide a critical analysis of the issue(s) raised. The paper must conform to APA citation guidelines. This paper should also reflect graduate level work in content, appearance, organization, grammar, and effort. Be sure to proof-read/spell check the final draft of the paper before submitting it to the instructor. Reading the paper out loud often points out spelling and grammatical errors, as well as incorrect word usage. Your paper should contain the following sections: Introduction/Background Analysis of the Issue Alternative Points of View (Pros and cons) Your Own Point of View Conclusion 11-15 pages required- APA referencing protocols

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Assignment Outline