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Discuss factual and international legal issues surrounding Brexit, the UK leaving the EU. (Always be sure to discuss some international law aspect of our topics.)

 BACKGROUND Background questions might include: what is the United Kingdom; what is “Brexit”, who called for the referendum and why, and what was the referendum that led to “Brexit”; what was the breakdown of the vote across the UK by country (England, Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland); what has happened to the UK economy since the Brexit vote; and might there be another referendum? LEGAL ASPECTS OF BREXIT Brexit, or the UK negotiating leaving the EU, raises a host of thorny and never before seen legal issues! Be thankful that you do not live in England. My cousin, who has a ski house in France, and whose daughters worked in Paris, is trying to get French citizenship for the family so that they will still be part of the EU and have related privileges. Legal issues include: was the UK government bound by the referendum vote; by what legal process does a country leave the EU; how long does it take to leave; can the limit be extended; what date will the UK leave the EU; or might there be another referendum? Also, what is going to happen to all of the EU laws in force in the UK on the day that Brexit takes place; what do the UK and the EU want out of negotiations for the UK to leave the EU; how are the negotiations going; what are the possible outcomes; and who/what organizations and countries need to approve the Brexit deal once finalized? Also feel free to discuss if you like or prefer whether the Eurozone can survive Brexit and other countries in the EU that are on the ropes financially, and disputes about immigration.

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