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Discussion Prompt: Engaging Happy Valley’s Patients Imagine you are a


Discussion Prompt: Engaging Happy Valley’s Patients

Imagine you are a member of a task force at Happy Valley Healthcare System that has been tasked with improving patient literacy by improving access and interaction through their patient portal. Some team members want to create smartphone apps and some want to create a website. What are some strategies or strengths that informatics could offer to this team to create a website or application that promotes patient access or interaction?

Purpose: In some cases, healthcare informatics projects focus on the patient as a customer. The traits of the patients are different than the user experience of the healthcare worker. The scene asks you about the considerations for a patient that you would include the design.

Criteria: The discussion response should be a complete paragraph, which includes a topic sentence (main idea), a body sentence (an example, a clarification, contextual or supporting detail), and a wrap-up sentence (next steps, recommended action). See Writing a Paragraph for clarification

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