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Dispute Resolution Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

1.  In How to Resolve Board Disputes More Effectively. (Hasson, 2006), the role of the Board of Directors is discussed in the context of assisting the organization resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. In this topic post, ignore the author’s predilection for including a board ombudsman in this process. Rather, what value does the Board of Directors and members of the Board of Directors bring to solving problems and resolving disagreements? You may wish to mention the contrasting functions of the Board and management in your answer. 

Use the attached file name Acibadem for this question

2. How Ac?badem should leverage its relationship with IHH and collaborate with Parkway-Pantai

Use the attached file name Redefining Global for this question

3. Please read book Redefining Global for this Question: Why do so many global strategies fail–despite companies’ powerful brands and other border-crossing advantages?

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Answer 1:

The Board of Directors plays a crucial role in problem-solving and resolving disagreements within an organization. Their value lies in their ability to bring diverse perspectives, experience, and expertise to the table. Unlike the management, who primarily focuses on day-to-day operations, the Board of Directors takes a more strategic and long-term approach.

Through their oversight and guidance, the Board of Directors can provide a broader vision and strategic direction to address disputes effectively. They bring an independent perspective and mitigate the potential for bias or conflicts of interest that may arise within the management team. Additionally, the board’s diverse composition can enhance decision-making by considering a range of viewpoints and ensuring the best interests of the organization and its stakeholders are represented.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors can provide valuable insights and input that contribute to the development of robust problem-solving strategies. Their experience and expertise in various sectors can be leveraged to identify alternative approaches, assess risks, and explore creative solutions. Moreover, their role in overseeing performance and accountability ensures that disputes are resolved in a fair and consistent manner, aligning with the organization’s mission and values.

In summary, the Board of Directors brings significant value to problem-solving and dispute resolution by offering diverse perspectives, independent oversight, strategic direction, and promoting accountability within the organization.

Answer 2:

Acıbadem, as an organization, should leverage its relationship with IHH and collaborate with Parkway-Pantai to maximize its potential and achieve mutual benefits. Collaboration with strategic partners can lead to enhanced opportunities, shared resources, and expanded networks.

By leveraging its relationship with IHH, Acıbadem can tap into its partner’s expertise and experience in the healthcare industry. This collaboration can facilitate knowledge sharing, best practice implementation, and innovation exchange between the organizations. It can also open doors to explore new markets, both domestically and internationally, by leveraging IHH’s established presence and networks.

Additionally, collaborating with Parkway-Pantai can bring further advantages to Acıbadem. Both organizations may have complementary strengths and resources that can be combined to achieve synergies. This collaboration can lead to economies of scale, cost-sharing, and increased operational efficiency. It can also facilitate joint research and development initiatives, fostering innovation and advancements in healthcare practices.

Furthermore, such collaborations can enhance the organizations’ collective brand reputation and credibility. By working together, Acıbadem, IHH, and Parkway-Pantai can position themselves as leaders in the healthcare industry, attracting patients, investors, and talented professionals.

In conclusion, leveraging the relationship with IHH and collaborating with Parkway-Pantai can provide Acıbadem with numerous advantages, such as knowledge sharing, expanded networks, shared resources, and increased market opportunities.

Answer 3:

Global strategies often fail despite companies having powerful brands and other border-crossing advantages due to various reasons. One major factor contributing to these failures is the lack of understanding and adaptation to the diverse cultural, economic, and regulatory contexts in different countries.

Companies operating globally must recognize that each market has unique characteristics and requires tailored strategies. Simply relying on a powerful brand or a one-size-fits-all approach is insufficient to succeed in diverse global markets. Cultural differences, consumer behaviors, legal frameworks, and competitive landscapes vary significantly across countries, necessitating adaptation and localization of strategies.

Moreover, companies must consider the complexity of operating in multiple markets simultaneously. Managing cross-border operations requires a deep understanding of global supply chains, logistics, and regulatory frameworks. Failure to effectively coordinate and align operations across different countries can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and poor customer experiences.

Furthermore, companies need to cultivate strong local partnerships and alliances to navigate unfamiliar markets successfully. Local knowledge, networks, and relationships are often vital for establishing a competitive position and overcoming market entry barriers. Failing to build and maintain strategic alliances can severely hinder a company’s ability to penetrate new markets effectively.

Additionally, companies must remain agile and responsive to dynamic global trends and changes. Global markets are continuously evolving, driven by technological advancements, geopolitical shifts, and changing consumer preferences. Organizations that fail to adapt and innovate in response to these changes risk becoming obsolete and losing their competitive advantage.

In summary, global strategies fail when companies overlook the importance of cultural adaptation, fail to effectively coordinate cross-border operations, neglect building local partnerships, and fail to remain agile and responsive to dynamic global trends. Successful global strategies require a deep understanding of local contexts, tailored approaches, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation.

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