Double check the following before submitting: Essay is in MLA format Is 710pgs not including Works Cited page Includes Works

Double check the following before submitting:
Essay is in MLA format
Is 7-10pgs (not including Works Cited page)
Includes Works Cited page (not included in total page count)
Includes all 3-6 sources
Research Essay Prompt: Hegemony Through Film
For the research paper, you will think critically about a film of your choosing and explore the ways in which the film’s formal elements allow the filmmakers to influence American society through their audiences.
In a 7-10 page researched and thesis-driven essay, you will:
choose a film to research
identify whether it is a hegemonic or counterhegemonic cultural text
consider comparing the message of your film to American values and ideology
consider whether your film promotes or questions our country’s popular culture, attitudes and lifestyle
analyze how it influences its audience
consider genre (sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, etc.)
consider types of characters (heroes and villains; stereotypical ethnic/racial characters; working class, middle class, upper class; gender roles, etc.)
consider the story (conflicts, solutions, relationships between characters, predictable events, unexpected revelations, etc.)
consider audience’s reactions to the film
To what extent is your film hegemonic or counterhegemonic?
What parts of society is your film supporting or challenging?
What are viewers supposed to get out of your film?
Your essay should be 7-10 pages in MLA format, complete with Works Cited page
12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
A total of 3-6 sources
You must use only 1 film
You must use 2-3 scholarly journal articles
You may also use film reviews, newspaper or magazine articles
Research Essay Prompt: He

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