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Each answer should be two paragraphs. You should cite your

Each answer should be two paragraphs. You should cite your work properly using either APA or ASA style. Answer the questions in your own words.


1. What is the socialist feminist theory? How might it be used to explain differences in crime rates between men and women? 

2. Discuss the role that the media played in the criminalization of black women during the crack epidemic. What was the story presented in the media about this issue versus the reality of what was going on?

3. What is the chivalry thesis? Why is it important in understanding our understanding of gender and incarceration?

4.What are the typical characteristics of the woman offender? How do women compare to men in terms of criminal behavior?

5. What was the impact of third wave feminism on criminological theory? Support your answer with an example of how this perspective can help us understand criminal behavior.

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