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Each student (or group) will develop/design a curriculum unit plan,

 Each student (or group) will develop/design a curriculum unit plan, comprising of two lessons using the Backward Design. The unit plan will be developed to include a specific rationale page for the curriculum design, as well as other aspects of a fully developed curriculum unit. Please submit your two lessons using the UbD Revised Templatehe curriculum plan unit should include the followings:

  1. Assignment title page, together with student name and course #. If you are submitting the curriculum plan unit as a group, please make sure all names appear and only one student submits the final assignmeTnt.
  2. A Rationale/Overview page. This page should include:
    1. Purpose:
    2. Organization:
    3. Backward Design:
    4. Assessments:
    5. Rubrics used for one of the lessons (as an Appendix)

    *use one lesson already attached. just add second lesson that ties into it 

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